So why am I doing this blog?

It’s part of a New Years Challenge to myself. I don’t really like “New Years Resolutions” because you typically forget about them after a while and they sound so stereotypical, so this year I’m doing something different. I’m going to have a year-long challenge that will fit overtop of smaller, 90 day challenges.

The year-long challenge is simple: to put myself out there to the world so that I can hold myself accountable and to hopefully inspire and help others.

The smaller 90 day goals will be different “transformation” themed challenges that will be decided as I go along. I can already tell you most of them will be based on fitness aspects since that is what I’m most interested in at the moment. Some of the transformation challenges may deal with morality, spirituality, community, etc… I titled this blog after my battle cry because to me it is so powerful… yes I have accomplished a lot in the last year, but there’s so much more that can be done.. so it’s not time to stop.. oh I ain’t EVAH gonna stop!

So enough rambling, here’s some background on where we’ll be starting: for the last two years I’ve been losing weight (or trying to at times). In the course of the last two years I’ve lost close to 85 lbs and it’s fluctuated from being almost at a maximum of 100 lbs lost to as little as 65 lbs lost (those are approximations). There have been set backs this year where I have chosen to let other things take priority, and rightfully so.. Two months before my wedding my wife lost one of her grandmother’s to a long-term illness, then we had the wedding, then I got extremely sick during our honeymoon, then two months after the wedding we lost my wife’s other grandmother, then two months after that one of my Uncles passed away and it’s taken its toll on us and our families.

Through most of my life my biggest weakness is that I was/am a stress-eater and depression runs in my family. With the amount of death that has happened this year and as much energy as I put in to being what I needed to be for others… I slipped back in to bad habits with my stress-eating and had many days were all I wanted to do was sit on the couch or lay in bed. I’m admitting these things in a blog because I really do feel it’s going to help me to get over them. It also helps me to admit my weaknesses so that I can hopefully overcome them and conquer them.

A few days ago this blog idea came to me as a way to hold myself accountable by “putting it all out there” and hopefully someone will read it and either be inspired or learn something from my actions. I’m human, I’m going to make mistakes along the way and that’s ok… as long as somebody learns from them. If I don’t learn from them, hopefully you will read about them and not make the same mistake if you are interested in transforming yourself like I am.

So there’s some random ramblings that hopefully give out some of the “Why” for why I’m doing this blog, now for some of the specifics for the New Year Challenge…

  1. Update this blog at least once a week with progress on the current 90 day challenge
  2. At the beginning of every month, post my “numbers”. By numbers I mean weight & measurements. This will be very humbling, but hopefully it’s the kick in the butt that I need.
  3. Stick with a “program” for 90 days and then change it or add to it. Your body gets used to things if you stick with a routine and since I’m very OCD it’s very easy for me to fall in a routine. In order to “shock” the body and keep it guessing, I am going to have to change it up every 90 days.
  4. At the beginning of the year, and at the end of every 90 day program, post progress photos. Once again this will be very humbling…

Ok so those are the basics of the New Years Challenge. Now the difficult part: sticking to it. With that being said, and since I am human and capable of making mistakes, each part of these 90 day challenges I am going to allow myself “2”. Those 2 are not cheat meals which will be built in to the programs, but 2 days were if I “mess up” it counts as my strike against me. A mess up can be something as simple as missing a workout or not posting numbers the way I said I would. For example, I already know that February 15th is going to be a busy day for me since I will be working 10 hours that day then immediately heading to a TNA wrestling event here in Huntington so I will not be able to get in a workout that day.

So this all starts officially next Monday. I will post my beginning photos and measurements. So for now here’s my progress photo from last year, it will be my starting point.582226_10100212884984003_757631794_n

By isaaklown

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