Luke 6:37

“Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.


For those that may not be aware, Luke 6:37 is my favorite verse in the bible. It is what I try to live my life by the most. It is also in reference to what I feel is the biggest “villain” of them all.

Yes, this blog will mostly focus on me defeating the weight villain in my life, but this whole movement… this whole cause.. is to help EVERYONE defeat MANY VILLAINS! So at times… I will need to speak about things other than weight loss… tonight is one of those nights.

I try my hardest to not judge others. I have to constantly remind myself that it is not my job to judge others, but that job is left for only one man and it’s who we see at the end of our road. Are there things that are going on out there in America and the world that I disagree with? Absolutely! I am human after all… but it is not my place to judge or condemn. That is left for our grand exit from this world.

Today at work, one of my servers friends came in to get some food and to speak with her. The friend was gay and was not ashamed of this. At a table near him, we had sat four high school kids that were downtown for a wrestling tournament being held nearby. It was brought to my attention that the four boys were making jokes about the gay guy and were making sure some of them were loud enough for him to hear.

My server was upset… this was a close friend of hers that was being made fun of and these kids did not seem to care. I couldn’t take it… I wanted to walk over and tell them to shut up or leave… but then I remembered Luke 6:37.

Do not judge or condemn.

I walked by the friend’s table first and asked if everything was ok. He looked up at me and said that he was fine, but the look in his eyes had changed from the time I had seated him. After I thanked him for coming in and to come back and see us, I moved up to the “kid” table. They were still chuckling to each other… I’m presuming it was over the latest “brilliant” remark they had made. As I asked them how everything was they immediately straightened up and said “yes sir, everything’s fine.” I asked them if they were sure about that… I thought I had just heard a remark that the environment they were in was a little funny to them. They replied back “no sir, we’re just waiting on our food.” I told them I would go check on their food for them and if there was any issue with their visit that I’d appreciate if they just brought it to my attention… because “I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable and have their meal ruined” as I said that I let my eyes drift back to the server’s friend sitting behind them. The kids immediately lowered their heads as if they were ashamed. I thanked them for their understanding in the matter and walked away. I then let the server know what was said and she smiled.

It wasn’t much, but I think I really did stand up for somebody today. There was a case of bullying going on in my restaurant and I put a stop to it. It goes back to Luke 6:37, those kids were judging the friend because he wasn’t like them and didn’t like the things that they did. They took it upon themselves, like most high school kids, to feel “untouchable” and to voice their opinion and feel like they would be no ramifications. The one thing that made me sad about this moment is that the friend did not feel like he should have stood up for himself… that’s one of the reasons why I’m doing this blog.

To anyone out there that feels like they are being bullied, please remember the lesson that Luke 6:37 teaches. Please understand that you are to only be judged by one person and nobody else. A villain that we will all face at one point or another in your life is a bully. A bully likes to judge, ridicule, and condemn. Boy are they in for a surprise when they meet the ultimate judge. Do not allow bullies to have any power over you. You have the power to decide if they control you or not. Are you going to give themselves the power or you going to give it to yourself? Are you going to allow them to stop you? Or are you going to look the bully/villain in the eyes and shout to the top of your lungs “I AIN’T EVAH GONNA STOP!”

Today was a moment I won’t forget for awhile… because it was a day that I truly lived that bible verse. I may not have agreed with the lifestyle choice that friend had made… but I chose not to judge or condemn him… and I stood up to defend when others bullied. Hopefully he noticed that all he has to do to stand up to those bullies was to make them aware that even through their actions… that you will not change who you are. That you… will… not… stop.

Those kids were not over 18 years old… I’m 30 years old. I remember that when I was that age I didn’t have all the answers in the world, and if I would have been in that situation 12 years ago I may have acted differently as well. I forgave them for how they acted and pray that they took something from it. It’s hard… really hard… to forgive somebody that has done something that goes against your character… but it’s something we all have to learn to do.

Today, I had never felt more like what a man should be: a protector, forgiver and source of inspiration.

Not a condemner.

Not a judge.

By isaaklown

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