Week 3 Results

So not as much progress this week as I would have liked, but progress nonetheless…

  • Weight – 263.6 lbs (1.4 lbs gained, 2.6 lbs lost total)
  • BMI – 34.8 (remained the same, .5 lost total)
  • Waist to Hip Ratio: 1 (remained the same, .02 lost total)
  • Body Fat – 20% (1% lost, 2.3% lost total)
  • Chest – 47″ (1″ gained, .5″ gained total)
  • Arms – 15″ (.5″ gained, 1″ gained total)
  • Hips – 47.5″ (.5″ gained, nothing lost/gained total)
  • Waist – 47.5″ (.5″ lost, 1″ lost total)
  • Thighs – 27″ (.5″ gained, .5″ gained total)
  • Calves – 16.5″ (.5″ lost, .5″ lost total)
  • Forearms – 12″ (.5″ gained, nothing lost/gained total)
  • Shoulders – 52″ (1″ gained, nothing lost/gained total)
  • Neck – 16.5″ (.75″ gained, .5″ lost total)

With my body fat percentage going down still, and some of the measurements going up, that’s telling me that I am gaining muscle. With that in mind, I decided to take a closer look at my lifting stats from week 1 to week 3 and there was the proof I needed: there is an average of 10-20 lbs increase on most of my lifts that I do for my upper body. That means I have put on some muscle in my back, shoulders, arms and chest. It was difficult for me at first to realize, but muscle does weight more than fat. That’s why it’s so important to look at your measurements instead of your actual weight. It’s also why I look at my body fat percentage so that I can see how much of my body is fat compared to my lean body mass.

Here’s a photo to help show what I’m talking about…


That is a photo of 5 lbs of fat next to 5 lbs of muscle. See what I mean?

Now with that being said, I will have to admit my fault this week… towards the end of the week I did slip up on the diet and staying below 2200 calories a day. It’s ok to cheat every once in awhile, and I schedule one day a week for me to do it (it’s usually Sunday since that’s my weigh-in day). So this week I have to remain focused. I can do this…

By isaaklown

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