Week 5 Results

Alright, so not a big change this week (was really tough to stay on target) but I had a huge victory in my opinion, but first let’s get to the results:

  • Weight – 259.8 lbs (.4 lbs gained, 6.4 lbs lost total)
  • BMI – 34.4 (remained the same, .9 lost total)
  • Waist to Hip Ratio: .99 (.01 lost, .03 lost total)
  • Body Fat – 20% (.4% gained, 2.3% lost total)
  • Chest – 46.25″ (remained the same, .25″ lost total)
  • Arms – 15″ (remained the same, 1″ gained total)
  • Hips – 47″ (remained, .5″ lost total)
  • Waist – 46.5″ (.5″ lost, 2″ lost total)
  • Thighs – 26.75″ (.25″ gained, .25″ gained total)
  • Calves – 16.75″ (.25″ lost, .25″ lost total)
  • Forearms – 12″ (remained the same, nothing lost/gained total)
  • Shoulders – 51.5″ (remained the same, .5″ lost total)
  • Neck – 17″ (remained the same, nothing lost/gained total)

So as you can see I did gain back a little fat this week (no big deal) but the important thing is that most of my measurements remained the same with only a few fluctuations and my HUGE victory in my opinion.. for the first time (possibly ever in my entire life) my waist measured smaller than my hips. That means I broke the waist to hip ratio barrier of “1” in the right direction!

Some of you may think “Wow what a big deal… .5″… a difference of .01” but to me this was a plateau. I have always dealt with the AT&T belly (my belly had roll-over) or as my parents called it “the dun-lap diseases (because my belly dun-lapped over my belt). Sure it still sticks out a little bit and I still have a “muffin top” but I’m heading in the right direction and that’s all that matters. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will this body.

So far, it’s been a long two years on this journey and it’s not going to stop. I hope by now if you’ve been reading this blog, you know why this journey is not going to stop…


Because I ain’t EVAH gonna stop.

By isaaklown

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