NSV – Non Scale Victory (Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover)

Ok, so I decided I was going to start posting some “Non-Scale Victories”.

I got this idea from a facebook page called “The Anti-Jared” who focuses on weight loss since he too has dealt with trying to defeat the villain of weight. He posts his own, and others, big moments in weight loss that do not involve a scale and he calls them “non scale victories” or NSV for short. It could be something as simple as using the next notch on a belt, or completing a workout routine that you’ve never been able to do… as long as it’s a victory and does not involve what your weight actually is.

So I’m titling this one that I’m going to mention “Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover”.

Today at the gym it was abs and cardio day. On these days I do 20-30 minutes of ab work, then finish it off with a 30-45 minute treadmill run. Today as I headed towards the treadmills I noticed that most of them were overtaken by some girls. No big deal, but these were some girls that (trying not to judge) were not there for the right reason. They were busy chatting with each other while they were walking on the treadmills and watching TV. They were there to “maintain” their size, not transform it. Hey that’s no problem and I respect that because they were smart enough to begin with to not let themselves go as much as I did.


As this big man stepped up on to the treadmill, already sweating like crazy.. I could feel some of the looks as they continued their leisurely stroll.

I knew I was about to smoke them.

I went in to my interval treadmill routine (I will post to the facebook page later) which starts with a high pace walk… I decide to look over at the time of the girl next to me that way I can gauge where I was. They were already on there for 20 minutes.

I’m getting in to the workout… I’ve hit my own 20 minute mark of alternating between 4 mph and 6.5 mph and I’m drenched in sweat. The girl beside me is still walking and is at 40 minutes and steps off the treadmill. Her total distance was 2 miles.

I completed my 2 miles at minute 23.

Further and further into the workout more and more of the girls step off the treadmill, barely sweating but breathing pretty hard… all the while the “Big man” is still going at it.. and has increased his speed to as low as 6.5 mph to as high as 8 mph… I hit the 4 mile mark.

Finally as I hit 45 minutes.. I look down at my distance. 5.3 miles. My shirt is soaked with sweat.. I’m barely able to walk off of the treadmill. The girls are hanging out over at the lockers sipping at their water bottles.

The girl who was on the treadmill beside me speaks up: “You had quite a workout didn’t you?” I reply “yeah, I try to make sure that if I step on the treadmill that I push as hard as I can go..” Then came the NSV…

She responded: “Well I don’t know about these other girls but I was impressed. We all used to run track and now a big man has shown us up on the treadmill (laughs) so we’ve got some work to do!”

Now, in the past I would have been offended at being called “Big Man”. It’s something I was always called growing up so I’ve associated it with being overweight. Now when people call me Big Man I’m starting to see it as a compliment. I’m a 6’1″ large man that can move faster than a stick of a woman in a run and can go farther than she can. Did I mention she used to run track?

So thank you random gym girl for my NSV I decided to write about. Thank you for presuming when I stepped on the treadmill that I was going to be on there for 15 minutes and then step off huffing and puffing… never in a million years did you think I would have stayed on there for 45 minutes and run over twice the distance that you did. Thank you for realizing that I pushed myself to my limits. Thank you for saying that you feel you need to get to my level, but I’ve got news for you…

I ain’t evah gonna stop… so stop talking about it and BE ABOUT IT!

By isaaklown

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