Plateau: to remain at a stable level for a relatively long period.

This is something that happens in everybody’s life. You work so hard to reach a certain level, then you get “stuck”. You hit a wall and no matter how hard you try you just keep hitting it with no results.

Welcome to the last two weeks of my life.

I was making incredible progress (in my eyes) on my first 90 day challenge. I was losing inches around the waist, I was building muscle, and I felt good doing it. Then I hit the dreaded plateau and no matter how much harder I pushed I couldn’t get over this hurdle. I started to get frustrated. My weight loss stopped, my transformation was coming to a screeching halt, and I started to feel tired.

I wanted to give up for a few. You know, consider this first 90 day challenge a wash and start fresh with the next 90 days. The frustration was grabbing a hold of me and didn’t want to let go… and I was letting it. All of the negativity I was having to deal with in my everyday life was pulling me down and… once again… I was letting it.

Man it sucked!

So I had to do what I had to do the last time this happened. I did take a small break. If I was hitting a wall and still going at it at the same speed, then it only makes sense to take a few steps back so that I could get a better running start at it. Now during this small break, I didn’t stop remaining focused… I continued to look at my routine, what had happened during the last two weeks, and what would I need to do or change to get out of this rut.

I think I found one thing that I was doing wrong and it dealt with my weight lifting days. I never really took the time to figure out the dilemma of “Do I need to do heavy weights with less reps? Or do I do lighter weights with more reps?” Well it turns out all of my work of increasing my weights and keeping my reps the same (8 reps) is what you do if you want to get BIGGER. My goal right now is to reduce my body fat but keep my size so that ultimately means that I need to tone, not grow. So now that I’ve done some research I have modified my weight lifting routines to reduce weight with more reps on the parts of my body that I don’t want to get bigger (chest, back and legs) and to keep doing what I’m doing with the other body parts (biceps, triceps, and shoulders). So far this week I’ve only done triceps and chest and I was definitely more sore than I had been in awhile so that means a successful change to my transformation progress. Now I just need to keep that going. I also had done less cardio this week than I usually do, so I’m trying to keep pushing on the cardio to keep at what I had been doing.

Do I know if this is going to work? No.. it would be impossible to know that right away. So I’m going to have to wait at least a few weeks to know for sure. I’m only halfway through this 90 day challenge so I need to keep pushing forward. The small break was needed, now I need to keep going..

Stay Tuned…


By isaaklown

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