Week 8 Results

Another week down, and 6 weeks to go in this first 90 day challenge. I’m really hoping that this plateau ends soon!

  • Weight – 260.2 lbs (.2 lbs gained, 6 lbs lost total)
  • BMI – 34.5 (.1 gained, .8 lost total)
  • Waist to Hip Ratio: 1.01 (.01 gained, .01 lost total)
  • Body Fat – 20% (1% lost, 2.3% lost total)
  • Chest – 46″ (1″ gained, .5″ lost total)
  • Arms – 15″ (remained the same, 1″ gained total)
  • Hips – 46.5″ (.5″ lost, 1″ lost total)
  • Waist – 47″ (remained the same, 1.5″ lost total)
  • Thighs – 26″ (.5″ lost, .5″ lost total)
  • Calves – 17″ (.5″ gained, nothing lost/gained total)
  • Forearms – 12″ (remained the same, nothing lost/gained total)
  • Shoulders – 51.5″ (.5″ lost, .5″ lost total)
  • Neck – 16″ (.25″ lost, 1″ lost total)

So some stuff did get better this week, but the numbers I really wanted to change haven’t yet. So after a week of changing up the amount of weights and reps on different exercises it seemed to work. Now I just need to keep it up.

So some updates from the week. We went to the TNA Impact Wrestling Road to Lockdown Tour this Friday night and had a blast. We got to meet all of the talent thanks to our VIP tickets and some of them did remember us from previous shows. The ones that meant the most to me were two:

1. Velvet Sky


The reason this was memorable as I had thanked her for reading a blog entry I had done (Luke 6:37) and she remembered it. She thanked me for writing it and encouraged me to keep doing what I’m doing. As I walked away from her I had to say but I told her that “I ain’t evah gonna stop” and she smiled and giggled and said “that’s right! don’t evah stop!” It seems like a small, shallow victory but for somebody that both me and Michelle respect actually remembered something that I had wrote was a great feeling.

2. Devon

ImageOnce again seems like a small thing, but I had joked with him on twitter about coming over to Bob Evan’s the day of the show but he never showed. I then mentioned that I was the one “making a fuss” on twitter about him and Elijah Burke not getting a good story or chance in TNA and that I was glad to see at least one of them is getting a good run. He told me that he had remembered that and that he had told me to stay tuned and this is what happened next. Once again it wasn’t much but that these larger than life characters are actually reading their twitter feeds and actually responding and remembering what is said is something that will always amaze me.

Also at the show, we pretty much confirmed what the next 90 day challenge is going to be for me.. but what has made me truly happy… Michelle said she wants to do it with me. Together we are going to tackle the next 90 days and it’s going to be amazing.

Stay tuned for what that next challenge is going to be!


By isaaklown

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