Plateau (almost) BUSTED – 60 Day Review

Saw some more progress this week.

  • Weight – 256.6 lbs (3.6 lbs lost, 9.6 lbs lost total)
  • BMI – 34 (.5 lost, 1.3 lost total)
  • Waist to Hip Ratio: .99 (.02 lost, .03 lost total)
  • Body Fat – 19.6% (.4% lost, 2.7% lost total)
  • Chest – 46″ (remained the same, .5″ lost total)
  • Arms – 15″ (remained the same, 1″ gained total)
  • Hips – 46.5″ (remained the same, 1″ lost total)
  • Waist – 46″ (1″ lost, 2.5″ lost total)
  • Thighs – 26.5″ (.5″ gained, nothing lost/gained total)
  • Calves – 16.5″ (.5″ lost, .5″ lost total)
  • Forearms – 12″ (remained the same, nothing lost/gained total)
  • Shoulders – 51″ (.5″ lost, 1″ lost total)
  • Neck – 16.5″ (.5″ gained, .5″ lost total)

So I don’t want to get over confident, but it looks like the plateau is starting to break free, and what helped was a change in my diet. I started to eat a salad at work on the days that I did cardio and I made sure to have no dressing with it. It amazed me how much calories, carbs, sugars, etc are in just 3 oz of salad dressing. Since I work at Bob Evans we do have a lot of choices of salad, but my favorite is the Wildfire Chicken Salad. Since this is a salad that usually comes with fried chicken on it, I substitute grilled chicken for it and since the chicken is covered in BBQ sauce I just use that as the dressing. Doing this 3 days of the week helped me save a lot of calories in my daily intake.

The other change I made is I changed up my treadmill routine. I’m still doing 45 minutes, but I’m using different inclines and speeds and instead of taking a 30 second breather every 4-5 minutes, I’m trying to make it to 10 minute intervals if I can. This has definitely kicked my butt this week, but I saw results the next day because of it. Your body does get used to what you put it through and it looks like for me I will have to change my treadmill routine every 30 days because that’s when my body started to get “used to it”. So it sounds like I finally learned something new about my body!

Now my progress photos are a little more difficult to tell, but when I look at the full-size photos I can see that my shoulders and arms are more tone, and my “belly roll” is starting to get a little smaller on the sides.

Let’s keep the progress going!


By isaaklown

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