Another Week Down (more ways than one)

So normally I would do my results for the week, but I was down with a stomach virus all last week so any weight loss this week was due to the virus and not from my hard work. I didn’t get to the gym any this past week because I was so out of it. At one point I was down 7.4 lbs in only 2 days! That is not healthy and I did not want to continue at that pattern.

There are way too many dangers of losing weight that fast and I do not want that to be a habit of mine. I ended up being down almost 4 lbs for the week as I started to get my strength back (and could hold down food) toward the end of the week. I know there are people out there that feel the faster and the more weight you lose in less time the better, but there are too many dangers involved with that… the biggest being that your body realizes how much you have lost quickly and if you “slow down” your pace at all, you will gain it most, if not all, of it back. Looking at my week, my body realized that I had lost too much weight quickly so when I started being able to hold down food… it made me keep some of it on me to get my weight to a more natural progression.

People, no matter what the media… your friends… or yourself… tells you.. it is never healthy to go on an extremely low calorie diet or to “starve” yourself. I put starve in quotations because some people may not look at it as starving themselves if all they have is an apple and a smoothie for dinner. It’s all about balance and it’s all about management. Go ahead and google “is it healthy to lose weight fast” and read some of the articles that come up from doctors. You could literally give yourself a heart attack by doing it. On an aesthetic level that is wear most of the “loose skin” problems people have after weight loss comes from is losing too fast.

The rule of thumb that I have always heard is 2-3 lbs a week is fine, but anything above that may be unhealthy. Notice the “may be” in that last sentence. People that are, by medical definition “obese and overweight” MAY benefit and experience weight loss higher than that during any diets or workout routines they do, but just remember from previous entries that plateaus happen… and they will happen from time to time so do not lose faith if it happens.

Tomorrow I get back on the training horse with the workout routine. Then hopefully I will be ordering the next 90 day challenge soon. I’m still not ready to reveal what it is yet, because I don’t know if we will have everything together in time… I will say that hopefully this will put a BANG in my buck!

By isaaklown

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