Week 13 Results – 1 More Week to Go

Alright there is one week left of this 90 day challenge and I’m still seeing changes. That’s good.

  • Weight – 250 lbs (3.2 lbs lost, 16.2 lbs lost total)
  • BMI – 33.1 (.5 lost, 2.2 lost total)
  • Waist to Hip Ratio: 1 (remained the same, .02 lost total)
  • Body Fat – 18.1% (.75% lost, 4.2% lost total)
  • Chest – 45″ (remained the same, 1.5″ lost total)
  • Arms – 14.5″ (remained the same, .5″ gained total)
  • Hips – 45.25″ (.25″ lost, 2.25″ lost total)
  • Waist – 45″ (.5″ lost, 3.5″ lost total)
  • Thighs – 26″ (.5″ lost, .5″ lost total)
  • Calves – 16.5″ (remained the same, .5″ lost total)
  • Forearms – 12″ (remained the same, nothing lost/gained total)
  • Shoulders – 50″ (remained the same, 2″ lost total)
  • Neck – 16.5″ (remained the same, .5″ lost total)

I’m really glad to see some of the small changes I made this week had some BIG results. The major thing I did was I lowered the amount of soda I drank. Now if you’re anything like me this is a very difficult task to do, so I’ve been working on it in steps during the last two weeks.

Last week, while at work, I started to substitute drinking soda and was drinking tea instead. For the tea I would drink unsweet tea, but I would add some of the flavor syrup we have (to make raspberry tea for example) to add some sweetness to it to help me out. This week I added another element to it that I wasn’t for sure would work, but it did. I purchased an aqua zinger.

ImageNow the basic idea behind this is the bottom part of this water bottle has “blades” in it that allow you to put fruit or vegetables (or both!) and twist it to “pulp” it up and release some of the juices and flavor. The top part of that section has a mesh on it to allow the juice and small parts of the pulp to come up in to the water and give it a little bit of flavor.

Now I did not know how this thing would work for me, but it did. The first day that I used it at work I started to get a headache around 2:30pm and I realized it’s because I hadn’t even drank tea so far! That’s probably the longest time in a long time I had gone without caffeine. So as of now (for 3 days so far) I have a glass of tea at the beginning of the day to “wake up” and then one at the end of my shift when I eat and the rest of the time I was drinking water out of the aquazinger.

Now the other change I made is one I’ve known for awhile I needed to make, but I didn’t feel like I “had the time” to do it. So this week I “made the time” to do it and it worked!

I didn’t realize that on myfitnesspal.com you did not have to keep your meals labeled as “Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks” so I labeled all categories for food as “Meal 1, Meal 2,  Meal 3, Meal 4, Meal 5, Meal 6” that way I could help track better 6 small meals instead of what I had been doing, which was 3 meals a day. I’m still remaining at around 2000 calories a day, but now it’s in six smaller meals. So a typical day for me on a work day goes like this:

  • Wake up and eat a bowl of cereal
  • Shower and get ready for work, go to work
  • After completing most of my morning opening tasks, eat a cup of yogurt
  • After working 2-3 hours, eat a cup of soup
  • After working another 1-2 hours eat something else (usually soup lately)
  • Towards the end of my shift eat lunch
  • Go to the gym for the workout, then eat dinner shortly afterwards.

Those two small things have really helped me this week and I’m looking forward to continuing it throughout this week and forward.

Hopefully sharing this information will help you out if you’re trying to make some changes in your life.

So as I announced on the Facebook Page I Ain’t EVAH Gonna Stop, the next 90 day challenge is to add DDP Yoga to my training program. I will be changing up the weight training routine as well… hopefully with a new program designed by my friend. Before I start this new 90 day challenge, I will be taking a “plateau busting” week.

I call it that because lately it seems as if a lot of my weight training can’t get past a certain point. So I did some reading and read about the 100 rep workout. The idea behind it is to get you over a plateau and to “increase your pain threshold” which I know is part of my problem. I could probably squeeze out a few more reps on each workout, but some times I start to hurt too bad, so I stop before I hurt myself.

Anyway, I’m getting too ahead of myself. I need to get through Week 14 before I get too enveloped in to the plateau busting week.


By isaaklown

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