End of 90 Day Challenge – Series 1

Wow it feels like it’s been forever, but the first 90 day challenge is over! Did I hold true to every aspect of the 90 day challenge? Right off the bat I told myself that I would only allow myself two “cheat days” to miss workouts and I did miss more than that unfortunately. Now the times that I did miss, I did “guilt” myself in to pushing extra hard on that next workout.

Now on to the numbers…

  • Weight – 248.6 lbs (1.4 lbs lost)
  • BMI – 32.9 (.2 lost)
  • Waist to Hip Ratio: .99 (.01 lost)
  • Body Fat – 17.9% (.2% lost)
  • Chest – 45″ (remained the same)
  • Arms – 14.5″ (remained the same)
  • Hips – 45″ (.25″ lost)
  • Waist – 44.5″ (.5″ lost)
  • Thighs – 26″ (remained the same)
  • Calves – 16.5″ (remained the same)
  • Forearms – 12″ (remained the same)
  • Shoulders – 50″ (remained the same)
  • Neck – 16.5″ (remained the same)

So not bad for a week when I didn’t get all of my cardio in, and missed leg & shoulder day.

Now the numbers I’m proud to show… where I started and where I finished in this challenge.


So all in all this is how much transformation I made during these 90 days:

  • Weight: 17.6 lbs lost
  • BMI: 2.4 lost
  • W/H Ratio: .03 lost
  • Body Fat %: 4.4% lost
  • Chest: 1.5″ lost
  • Arms: .5″ gained
  • Hips: 2.5″ lost
  • Waist: 4″ lost
  • Thighs: .5″ lost
  • Calves: .5″ lost
  • Forearms: remained the same
  • Shoulders: 2″ lost
  • Neck: .5″ lost

Was it where I could have been if I stuck strictly to the plan? No it’s not… but considering the illness I had, and the stress levels I was putting up with… I am very happy with those results.

Now let’s take a closer look at those four categories I critiqued myself against at the beginning…

Weight: Ok so being under 250 feels great! Since I started at 325 I tried to set small goals “by the quarter” so in other words I wanted to stay under 300, then I wanted to stay under 275, now to stay under 250 and all that is left is to hit the goal of 225… so obviously that is good progress towards my goal.

BMI: So as a refresher, anything above 30 is considered obese and anything inbetween 25-30 is considered overweight. Once again this is not the best thing to go off of since according to my height the heaviest I should be to be “normal” is 182 lbs! With that being said, dropping my BMI by 2.4 is improvement. I’m now 2.9 away from being “obese” to just being “overweight”. HA! Honestly I did not have a lot of self-confidence but I can now look at photos of myself (or shirtless even) and I do not “feel” obese anymore. I have photographic proof of what “obese” is, and I am not obese… no matter what that number says. Moving on…

Waist-to-Hip Ratio: .92 or lower is considered fit and I’m at .99… I used to be at 1.02 which wasn’t bad, but .99 is better.. and it means I’m heading in the right direction!

Body Fat %: Healthy body fat percentage is 6-25% so I was already “healthy” but as I said towards the beginning this is more of an aesthetic for me to track. A “six-pack” may show as early as 14% and I’m starting to have an “outline” of one showing at 18%… so I’m closer to being at the lower end of the healthy body fat percentage. That means that I am closer to the “inner” Isaac becoming the “outer” Isaac. More positive progress.

So there it is! Hard work paid off! I’m not one to brag or to sound like I have a chip on my shoulder but there is a few things I want to point out about the last 90 days.

Never once:

  • Did I starve myself
  • Take Diet Pills
  • Do a “fad” diet
  • (most importantly) I never felt like I was “better” than anyone else.

I was (and remain) very humble about what I am doing and that’s because what I’m doing anyone can do.

That’s why I do this blog.

That’s why I created the facebook page.

That’s why I do  what I do!

And most importantly that’s why even after I hit my goals…

I AIN’T EVAH GONNA STOP doing what I do!

First 90 Days 2013 copy First 90 Days 2013 Side copy

By isaaklown

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