Motivation Monday – Faith

Faith… something you can’t see, smell or hear, but you can feel. Something that can bring somebody peace but cause war all in the same motion. Something that is sooooo powerful that it can scare even the strongest man.

My faith is Christianity. Has been since I can remember. At certain points in my life though it was difficult to be a fan of certain things while maintaining my faith. Professional wrestling would be the main thing I can think of… especially with the stuff that was out when I was in high school. The question that would always be raised to me is “how can you claim to be a Christian but still watch that type of violence? How can you claim to be a Christian when you watch a program that has foul language and scantily clad women on it?”

It was a pretty difficult question to answer without sounding like a hypocrite growing up.

There were times when I wondered if the people that I watched, and at times emulated, had any beliefs in things like God… as a Christian it made me sad at times to know that these people who brought me entertainment on a weekly basis may not know a peace that I knew.

Then I got some great news  about one of my favorite wrestlers, Sting.

Sting Collage

I learned that Sting was a born-again Christian.

He had recently found religion but I can begin to describe the feelings I had around this time. I was happy that Sting was going to know a peace that I knew. Then I noticed that he hadn’t quit wrestling.. he remained in the sport. Was this to be, pardon the expression, like Jesus walking amongst the sinners instead of the Saints?

I fully expected Sting to change everything about him, but most of it remained the same on tv. I started to learn about the difference between the person and the character. Sting was able to continue on the path he was on AND continue in his faith!

I have had one personal moment with Sting, or better yet Steve Borden (his real name). At the 2011 Lockdown PPV from Cincinnatti, OH I had the opportunity to meet him at a meet & greet. We were limited to one autograph per person, so although I had brought a copy of his movie he made about his path to Christianity, I opted for the 8×10 that he had. I did, however, show him the DVD and I let him know how much the movie meant to me.

I will never forget what happened next, because I had gone from meeting Sting… to speaking to Steve. He had his sunglasses on so I don’t know if he was looking at me, but he smiled as he looked towards me and the DVD… got a little closer so that only I could hear him well and said “that really means a lot to me man that this did something for you. I always said if it did something for one person it was worth it.” Unfortunately at this point his “helper” was letting us know that if I wanted a photo I would have to get it now and move on as the line needed to keep moving. We posed for the photo and he patted me on the back and said “thank you” again…

At this point I was almost shaking out of emotion. Everything he said and the way he acted was very sincere. You can always tell if somebody is being nice to you because “they have to” and if they are sincere… this was sincere. This was humble. This was appreciative. This was… motivating.


I hope that I have the chance to meet him again. I know that he’ll probably never get a chance to read this blog but if I am going to do a Motivation Monday and speak of faith… then I can not do it without mentioning the first man to motivate me that I had the chance to personally thank.

If you are interesting in seeing his movie he made: Moment of Truth. It’s available on amazon.

If any of you that reads this happens to know Sting (HA!) make sure he has a chance to see this. I’d love to know what his reaction would be to it.

Motivation Positive


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