Week 1 of Beast Mode Complete

Ok well the first week of Beast Mode is done. It is defnitely, pardon the term, “a different beast” from what I’m used to and that’s a good thing.

I’m going to try to change up the format of these entries by talking about what I did for the program this week first, then I’ll get to the results. Hopefully by doing this, by the end of this 90 day challenge we may be able to start predicting what the numbers will be before you read them.

Ok, so here we go with the first part and the part I was the most anxious of doing, DDP Yoga.

So for the first week of DDP Yoga, I did the following exercises: Monday – Diamond Dozen, Wednesday – Diamond Dozen/Energy, Friday – Diamond Dozen/Energy.

This was something I was excited to start, but scared to. I’m glad I did it though. The program is definitely set for a beginner at this level and if it gets to be too tough for you, it has modifications that you can do to “make the workout your own.” (as it says throughout the DVD).

I really felt this work already. I feel a lot less tense than I had (one of the main reasons I wanted to do it) but I also feel that it’s helping with my strength. Since my upper body was the only thing that I felt I knew how to stretch properly, the strength building hit my upper body first. My legs also started to feel some strength building towards the end of the week, but the stretches are really what helped out. I’m excited to see what my progress is with the 6 strength and flexibility poses at the end of the first 30 days.

Now for the new weight training/cardio portion. WOW. Obviously I won’t be able to tell any real progress on this after another week, but in this first week since I was lifting heavy I can really tell that I am building muscle. I did not work to exhaustion this week because I am trying to figure out what the heaviest weight is that I can lift with good form. Good form is the key of this because I want to make sure that I develop properly. Couple the yoga with this I was definitely able to hit some lifts that I didn’t think would be possible and I’m sure the 100 rep workouts last week also helped out. Unfortunately I was not able to get in my Saturday weight training so I plan on getting in Saturday and Monday’s weight training in the same session to “catch up”.

The cardio is something that was the bigger challenge since I was only used to doing cardio 3 days a week instead of 6 days. It’s helping to build my endurance up. On Thursdays since I plan on jogging/walking around the neighborhood I was able to almost hit 5 miles in an hour! That is the farthest I’ve ever made it with these “cross-country” type activities and if you know the area I live in it’s incredibly hilly with high elevations. Doing this in the Skecher shape-up shoes really give your legs a workout they’ve never known before. All of it only makes me stronger.

So I’ve definitely pushed myself harder this week in my workouts than I ever have. Now the one thing that was difficult this week was figuring out my nutrition program that will work with this. I have decided to start taking a raspberry ketone supplement 2 times a day (recommended usage) and I feel it is helping. I have also tried to hit 1 gallon of water each day and I was able to do that most of the week. The difficult part is keeping in mind how many calories I burn on each day and adjusting my food that day accordingly. For example, on the days that I’m on the treadmill I burn more calories than on the days that I don’t run. Also on the days I run I’m going to need more energy to push myself harder (I WILL hit 5 miles at least once this upcoming week) so those days I plan on having more carbs than others since I’ll be burning them off quickly. The problem this week is I did not realize this so I kept eating the same things every day with no modification based on the workout.

With all of that going on this week, here’s where I ended up:

This Week Lost/Gained
Weight 252.6 2.4
BMI 33.5 .3
W/H Ratio 0.99 .01
Body Fat 17.00% 0
Chest 45 -1
Arms 14.5 0
Hips 45 -0.5
Waist 44.5 0
Thighs 25.5 -0.5
Calves 16 -0.5
Forearms 12 0
Shoulders 49.5 -0.5
Neck 16.25 -0.25

So with those numbers, here’s how I’m looking at them. Did I do a lot more heavier lifting than I normally do? Yes. did I do more cardio? Yes. Did I do yoga? Yes. Raspberry Ketones (used to burn fat) used? Yes.

Based on these numbers, they make sense. Yes I did gain 2 lbs this week, but my body fat percentage remained the same and almost every body part shrank some. That means I put on muscle. Could the numbers have been different if I got in the Saturday workout? Yeah probably. It’s all about learning and improving myself. Hopefully this information is helping all of you out as well.


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