Motivation Monday – Love

Why is it so much more difficult to write about love than it is faith? Maybe because love, in a way, is harder to put in to words, it’s all about action. You may use words to profess love, but it really comes down to your actions.

Today I’m going to talk about a couple that through their actions they show love. Not just some of the time.. all of the time.

I present to you… the Jarretts.


If you were to see these two on TV you’d wonder why I would be using these two as “motivation” since the love they show on TV is an over the top, “annoying” love.

Just like with Elijah and Steve… I’m not referring to the “King and the Queen of the Mountain” I’m talking about Jeff and Karen, the people.

(Editors Note: Speaking honestly here, I have not spoken about these events with these people and am only going off of “what’s on the internet” which may or may not be 100% true. I have chosen to try and not to interview Jeff and Karen on this subject as to respect their privacy. I’m simply using this information gathered as a way of providing background)

Jeff Jarrett was married to his high school sweetheart, Jill, in 1992 and he had three daughters with her. Jill was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away in 2007. Obviously this must have been very heartbreaking for him and for his children, three beautiful daughters. I’m sure he had no idea that he would find comfort and love in a fellow co-workers ex-wife, Karen Angle.

Karen Angle used to be married to Kurt Angle, Karen began seeing Jeff Jarrett and as I’m sure you could guess… things got a little tense in the backstage of TNA during that time.

So intense, that it was reported Jeff was asked to take a personal leave until the entire situation could be resolved. He returned to the company and a story was made of the situation and became one of the best rivalries that TNA has ever come up with.. partly due to the reality of the situation.

If this story is true, could you imagine? You fall in love then you have to give up your job because of it? Talk about a sacrifice!

Fast forward to now, they are one big happy family. Why?

Because love conquers all. THAT is what the Jarrett’s have helped me learn. Love… conquers… ALL. There is nothing that love can not defeat. Remember as I said in a previous entry that Love is the greatest motivator

Now that’s not the only thing that I admire in the Jarrett’s about love.. they also love their fans.

In 2011, me and Michelle attended the TNA Lockdown ppv in Cincinnatti, OH (look at that, I bring up the same event two weeks in a row). During this event we were able to attend a “riverboat cruise” which really wasn’t a cruise due to the river being up, but it was a fun evening. We got to see the wrestlers we see on TV week in and week out… out of character. Just having fun, having a few drinks and dancing.

Now before the evening had started, I was busy on twitter sending out tweets to the wrestlers trying to figure out who all was going to be on the cruise. Karen Jarrett was kind enough to respond saying that both her and Jeff would be on the cruise and that she couldn’t wait to meet us.

I thought this was a scripted response. Speaking honestly it sounded like something I would get from all of them. Then they actually entered the room.

As with any famous people, as me and Michelle waited for our chance to get a photo with Jeff and Karen, people kept cutting in front of us. Karen took notice of this and stopped one from cutting in front of Michelle and said “sweetie… were you wanting a picture? I know you’ve been waiting” and asked Michelle to come forward for her picture.


After the picture was taken, she asked if we wanted to take it over again because she didn’t see the flash go off. Michelle was very happy for the photo taken and said that it looked fine. I then asked if we could get a picture together with Jeff. They both agreed to the photo.

While we were getting arranged for it, Michelle mentioned to Karen that we were there to celebrate our 8 year anniversary to which Karen was ecstatic and thought it was so sweet that we chose that event for our anniversary. I then mentioned that we even got engaged at a TNA House Show in Huntington, WV. At this point Jeff cut us off and got excited… telling Karen that “this is the couple JB (Jeremy Borash) was telling us about! I remember this!” which thankfully the photo was taken at the exact moment he started to speak… lmbo


We then spoke for a few more minutes… Jeff asked Michelle if the “Big day” had been set yet… told us we’d probably change it a few times before it happened (only changed it by a week) and that we had more to plan than we realized. We ended the conversation by thanking them for taking the time for the photo and speak with us and Jeff demanding that we “find JB and let him know you’re here!”

After a few minutes I tweeted to Karen again and thanked her for the photo and being so nice to us… towards the end of the evening we saw Jeff and Karen leaving and within a few minutes of leaving the room, my phone lit up and it was Karen tweeting me back telling me how great it was to meet us and congratulating us again on the engagement.

Now this isn’t the first time that one of the Jarrett’s has shown us they loved their fans.

Way back to the first time TNA ever came to Huntington, WV… we had front row seats and had a great time cheering and jeering… heckling the bad guys and getting the crowd to chant for the good guys. At the end of the main event (Booker T & Beer Money vs Jeff Jarrett & Team 3D) Jeff rolled out of the ring right over to me and Michelle and thanked us for coming out and staying loud all night. He ended the brief conversation with “God Bless” and walked away. Right then we knew we would be fans of TNA for a long time.

That’s the thing about Jeff and Karen. They love unconditionally… they love each other… they love their fans… they also love their faith. This can be seen in something as small as the “God Bless” that Jeff had said to us at that first show… or the genuine feeling we got from the hugs and handshakes on the riverboat cruise… maybe it’s from the constant quoting of scripture that can be seen on their twitter feeds. They know and understand a love that is unconditional, strong and forever.

Through this love of faith… they have remained very positive about challenges in their life. Wow it’s starting to sound like these four categories of motivation that I’m talking about over the past few weeks are all connected? Maybe I’m giving too much away before the finale next week.

Now before I finish this up, I have to mention the last reason why I have chosen the Jarrett’s as my motivation for love. Obviously I could write on and on about how even after facing the death of their mother, and the divorce from their father for Karen and Jeff’s children.. they are one big happy family. That is a lot for one child to go through, let alone five! Jeff and Karen’s love for one another and for their children helped them through this difficult time… how about I just finish it out with mentioning something that the Jarrett’s did for us for our wedding?

I did not (and will not) post this video to youtube, but it is available on my personal facebook page…. but a few weeks before the wedding I had made a wild request on twitter to Karen asking for a congratulations video we could play at the wedding.

I never expected them to actually do it. A few days later I received a video in my email from “The King and the Queen” congratulating us on our wedding… but it didn’t end just at that. They actually went in to detail… Jeff mentioned that the engagement happened in Huntington, WV.. and Karen mentioned she “had the pleasure” of meeting us at the Riverboat Cruise in Cincinnati… the coolest part of this? I didn’t tell them these things.. I just showed them the picture of the engagement and they were able to remember all of those details about us. From the thousands of people that message them or see them.. and they were able to remember that much about us.

I guess they saw the love in us that they saw in each other and they never forgot it.

We are not ashamed to say that we love the Jarrett’s… both Karen and Jeff. I would love to consider them family. I think we’re even going to try and get them an anniversary gift this year since in a weird but incredibly fun fact… our wedding anniversaries are only three days a part from each other (ours is August 18th and theirs is August 21st).

And I swear that I’m not timing this on purpose but it just dawned on me that I did a big entry about love near our 10 year dating anniversary (April 17th). It’s been a wild 10 years honey, but I still love you Michelle.. from now until forever.

Next week is the final of the four categories… transformation. Any guesses as to who (or whom) motivates me in that area?



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