Off Week (In a way, good for you)

Alright, well this week has been incredibly rough for me. It was very stress filled and difficult. My body was quite literally telling me to take it easy. No matter how much I tried to “psyche” myself up I was just getting defeated every where I turned and my body reflected that by being tired all the time. Considering the first few weeks of Beast Mode requires lifting as heavy as I can with good form, I did not feel safe being that tired and lifting that heavy… so after work I would just come home and rest…

No matter how much I slept, I couldn’t get enough sleep! My body definitely needed a rest week considering there has not been a week this year that I was not pushing myself in the gym. I did get in the workouts on Monday and Tuesday… but nothing for the rest of the week. This was good for my body, but man did I feel guilty not going!

So obviously I do not have a lot to write about with what I did this week before getting in to the numbers. Although I was not going to the gym every day, I did continue to monitor my food, but with a little lee-way… (few cookies from work on Saturday for example)…

So anyway, here’s the numbers

  This Week Lost/Gained
Weight 253.2 .6
BMI 33.6 .1
W/H Ratio 0.99 0
Body Fat 16.97% -0.03%
Chest 45 0
Arms 14.5 0
Hips 45 0
Waist 44.5 0
Thighs 25.5 0
Calves 16 0
Forearms 12 0
Shoulders 49.5 0
Neck 16.5 .25

So as you can see, most things stayed the same. I had another week, although I did not do a lot of lifting, where I gained some muscle. I know this based on the fact that everything remained the same size, body fat went down, and weight went up. I’m ok with this.

Alright guys, tomorrow is the newest entry in Motivation Monday: Transformation. It’s going to be the toughest one for me to write, but I am hoping to make it the most motivational of them all!


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