Motivation Monday: Transformation

So here we are… for the past four weeks on every Monday I have posted about several topics: the “before” me, positivity, faith, and love.

Now I speak about transformation. I speak about the start of the “after” me.

All the way back at the first entry (Motivational Monday: The Beginning) I sort of gave away who this last entry would be about… and if last’s weeks entry regarding the Jarrett’s confused you to begin with, then this entry is going to surprise you even more. I said something in that first entry that gave away who this entry would be about if you watch TNA Wrestling or follow it at all…

I spoke about what people thought of me and what I had thought of me.. but I mentioned that not a lot of people really knew who I was…


The ultimate transformation in professional wrestling of the past few years, in my opinion, was that of Mark LoMonaco and Devon Hughes… better known as Bully Ray and D-Von.

They were, back in the day, a pretty good tag team that grew in to arguably the greatest tag team that professional wrestling had ever seen. They’ve held the tag team titles for every major American organization and even held the IWGP Tag Team Titles as well. There was nothing that they hadn’t done in Tag Team Wrestling… this in turn kept organizations using them in the same way.. the dominant tag team that nobody could shine a light against. Occasionally they would help put over an up and coming tag team, but every time they would be broken apart and start singles careers, the organizations they were in would always put them back together before they had a chance to develop anything on their own.

(Obviously I’m not an expert in this field but) their physical well being was not what you would consider “fit”. Both of them were, most likely, overweight according to their numbers and since they were still “successful” they had no reason to change their ways.

Now let’s just take a look at some before and afters of both of them…

First up is D-Von (before is on the left, after is on the right):


Those photos alone were very motivational for me…

Now on to Bully Ray (same as before; before on the left and after on the right):


Such a transformation!

Both of these individuals were set in their ways for years… YEARS. They took the chance and they reinvented themselves… they transformed themselves.. and now they are better because of it.

Sound familiar? From the start that’s all I’ve wanted to do. I was set in my ways… but I’m taking the chance and I’m trying to reinvent myself. I’m trying to transform myself… and I will be better because of it.

Now this transformation does focus on the physical well-being aspect… but it can apply to everything that you feel is going wrong in your life. Are you being bullied? Take the chance and take action… be it by getting help to handle the situation or by standing up to the bully to show that you are not going to take it anymore. Are you in a domestic violence situation? Do what is right for you.. realize that it is not your fault it’s happening to you and protect yourself… choose to take action. Are you like me and upset about your weight? Choose to take action and to start working at it.. no matter how small the first step must be.

Transformation can be hard… it can be difficult… that’s why it takes more than just choosing to take action to do it.. you have to have a strong foundation in something…

For me those “pillars” have been the same for a long time… it’s been something I’ve talked about in the last few weeks.. My foundation to transformation is positivityfaith… and love.

Once I started to see these qualities and wanted them to be stronger in my life, thanks to Elijah, Steve, Jeff & Karen, and now Mark & Devon… I am now more confident that I will complete this transformation.

So far these three foundations have helped me come a way…


That’s January 1, 2011 on the left… and a few weeks ago on the right.

Not too bad.. but I’m not done yet… I AIN’T EVAH GONNA STOP!!

Through these things I truly have felt like I have transformed already in some ways.. I have changed on the inside, now I just need the outside to reflect that. Recently my wife even got a charm to put on my cross necklace that I love because it represents the new me…




Changed… for the better.

So there you have it… the foundation to my change. These people have helped motivate me to push myself harder than I ever have before.

So after reading through these past entries and today’s entry… does it make you feel motivated? Does it give you the willpower to take that first step?

Well does it?

ARE… YOU…. MOTIVATED????!?!???!?!?



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