Week 3 of Beast Mode Results

Here we are on a new Sunday and I am ready for my cheat meal (chinese today!).

This week I was able to get in more of the workouts, but I unfortunately missed Saturday this week. Last week I did make it all up on Monday but that caused me to not get in some other stuff I needed to get done Monday, so starting this week I’m going to incorporate the workouts on Saturday in to the other days.

For example, on Mondays I normally just do shoulders & abs, but lately I’ve been tacking on the “red hot core” DDP Yoga workout on to my yoga sessions which does work my abs.. so I don’t want to overkill the abs. From now on, I’ll do Shoulders and Traps on Monday, and Fridays won’t be Chest & abs day, it’ll be Chest and Back day (I’m sure I’ll be incredibly sore after that day!)

On the nutrition side, over the last week I have made some slight adjustments to my intake and I’ve noticed that in the past I’ve had most of my calories after I’ve been off work (last meal of the day has exceeded 1000 calories on more than one occasion), but this past week I kept the last meal more in line with other meals and overall that’s kept me under 2200 calories and I made some good progress.

So here are the numbers:

  This Week Lost/Gained
Weight 249.4 -3.8
BMI 33.1 -0.5
W/H Ratio 0.99 0
Body Fat 16.5% -.47%
Chest 45 0
Arms 14.5 0
Hips 44.5 -0.5
Waist 44 -0.5
Thighs 25.5 0
Calves 16.5 0.5
Forearms 12 0
Shoulders 49.5 0
Neck 16.5 0

So goal this week is not to miss ANY workouts. Work has been very tough mentally once again, but I am going to push myself to make this happen.

Until next time…


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