Beast Mode 30 Days Done

Ok, well this first 30 days has been hit and miss to me. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, but I wish the numbers would have shown something different.

  This Week Lost/Gained
Weight 253.2 3.8
BMI 33.6 0.5
W/H Ratio 0.99 0
Body Fat 16.4% -.1%
Chest 44.5″ -0.5″
Arms 15″ 0.5″
Hips 44.5″ 0
Waist 44″ 0
Thighs 26″ 0.5″
Calves 16.5″ 0
Forearms 12″ 0
Shoulders 50″ 0.5″
Neck 16.5″ 0

So all progress on weight last week and I’m back to where I was for weight.

HOWEVER, this makes sense. half an inch gained in the arms? half an inch gained in the thighs? half an inch gained the shoulders? body fat down some? Yep sounds like I put on some muscle in the shoulders, arms and legs.

Now with a 30 day marker, it was time for me to take my progress photos and I wanted to share them… they definitely show that there has been a transformation and I am so glad that I am taking the photos!




The rest of the progress photos will be uploaded to my facebook group “I Ain’t EVAH Gonna Stop”


By isaaklown

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